KCPCC - Kentucky Coalition for Person Centered Care

Sharing Successes

Facility: Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Address: 12800 Princeland Avenue
City/State/Zip: Ashland, Kentucky 41102
Phone: (606) 928-2963
Contact Person(s): Sandra Loperfido
Contact Email: Boyd01@advocat-inc.com
Areas of PCC Expertise:
  • Revised meal program
  • Neighborhood
  • Bathing Spas
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mind and Body Program
Culture Changes Made:
  • We have increased our meal program to allow residents to rise when they choose.
  • Residents participate in a continental breakfast, a brunch, County Grill and buffet dinner.
  • Residents are encouraged to be active participants in making choices that are best suited for them.
Facility Demographics: Boyd Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a facility that has embraced Person Centered Care and Culture Change. We are committed to providing a home for our residents. This facility is where people come to live life to its fullest. Many residents come to us for short term rehabilitation and return home. Those that choose to stay with us find a full and busy lifestyle.
I am willing to open my nursing home for tours for other nursing homes.

Facility: Franciscan Health Care Center

Address: 3625 Fern Valley Road
City/State/Zip: Louisville, Kentucky 40219
Phone: (502) 964-3381
Contact Person(s): Kristi Couch / Linda Beams
Areas of PCC Expertise:
  • Welcome Learning Circle
  • Welcome bags and flowers
  • Welcome signs
  • Resident’s welcome new associates and new residents
  • Celebration of Life Learning Circle
  • Chicken Soup for Franciscan Soul
  • Celebration of Life Picture Board
  • Celebration of significant life events occurring in resident lives (i.e. anniversaries, baby shower for birth of grandchildren, wedding in family)
  • Environmental Learning Circle
  • Shower room redecorated
  • Resident room pictures
  • Communities developed and named with grand opening celebration for each unit
  • Book Mobile
  • Dry Erase Boards for rooms
  • Wii for residents
  • Wheel Chair accessible planters for rooms
  • Associates
  • Thank you cards sent by Managers each week to an associate
  • Nursing Self Scheduling
  • Appreciation meals quarterly
  • You Make a Difference Card
  • Style shows for uniforms
  • Welcome cards sent to new hires
  • Bereavement Learning Circle
  • Remember Me Board
  • Remember me Scrapbook
  • Angel in Waiting
  • Bereavement Cart
  • Guardian Angels – Adopt a resident and meet with resident for 20 minutes/week and keep journal
  • Dining Order off menu on Rehab Unit
Facility Demographics: 148 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility Urban
I am willing to open my nursing home for tours for other nursing homes.

Facility: Homestead Nursing Facility

Address: 50 Adams Street
City/State/Zip: New Castle, Kentucky 40050
Phone: (502) 845-2861
Contact Person(s): Don Dalger, Administrator
Contact Email: Homesteadnursing@bellsouth.net
Areas of PCC Expertise: Butterfly Program for terminal residents
Culture Changes Made:
  • Flexible dining program
  • Chaplaincy program
  • Second Wind Dream program (make a wish)
  • Bimonthly PCC Staff meetings
Facility Demographics: Due to our stable and reliable staff and the small size of the facility (60 beds) we are able to offer quality, compassion, personalized, and family/community driven care where you are treated just like family

Facility: Nazareth Home

Address: 2000 Newburg Road
City/State/Zip: Louisville, Kentucky 40205
Phone: (502) 459-9681
Contact Person(s): Sandra King
Contact Email: sking@nazhome.org
Areas of PCC Expertise:
  • End of Life Care –collaborate with Hosparus
  • Dementia Care and Neighborhood Concept
  • Ethics Committee
Culture Changes Made:
  • Family Style Dining (weekly on dementia unit)
  • Consistent Staffing
  • Waffle and Pancake Breakfast
  • Raggedy Ann Ice Cream Cart
  • Family Nights on Dementia Unit
  • Piece of Mind Program
  • Person Centered Pet Program
Facility Demographics: 168 bed facility
Skilled and Long Term Nursing Care
Dementia care-psychologist directed support Personal Care
Rehabilitation Center
I am willing to open my nursing home for tours for other nursing homes.

Facility: South Shore Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Address: P.O Box 489
City/State/Zip: South Shore, Kentucky 41175
Phone: (606) 932-3127
Contact Person(s): Sarah Willis
Contact Email: 50Ad,m@advocat-inc.com
Areas of PCC Expertise: South Shore Nursing & Rehab have focused its efforts on the following areas:
  • The dining experience
  • Resident choices
  • Environmental barriers
  • Staff/resident relationships
Culture Changes Made: The following are changes implemented at South Shore Nursing & Rehab as a PCC initiative:
  • Environmental changes Rise and Shine Anytime-allows residents to rise at their leisure
  • Continental Breakfast-served to those who wish to eat a light breakfast or who do not want to get up and ready Breakfast buffet-allows residents to request personal choices of breakfast food which are prepared in the dining room
  • Decreasing environmental noises
  • Wider variety of snacks
Facility Demographics: South Shore Nursing strives to provide a home like atmosphere to its’ resident to make the transition into the facility a positive experience.

Facility: West Liberty Nursing and Rehab. Center

Address: 774 Liberty Road
City/State/Zip: West Liberty, Kentucky 41472
Phone: (606) 743-3846
Contact Person(s): Pamela Burton
Contact Email: Westliberty01@advocat-inc.com
Areas of PCC Expertise:
  • Fine Dining
  • Fine Bathing
  • Continental Breakfast
Culture Changes Made:
  • Fine Dining includes china plates, replaced the clothing protectors (bibs) with cloth napkins, have table cloths on tables, serve appetizers before each meal, serve desserts on a dessert cart to each table.
  • Fine bathing included asking residents of preferred bathing times, decorated each shower room to be more home like, installed tranquil music, use spa fragrant, style ladies hair and apply makeup if requested.
  • Continental Breakfast includes breakfast in your room as you awake from 6:30 to 8:30 am and full breakfast in dining room between 7 and 9 am with made to order items such as omelets, eggs, waffles, etc.

Facility: Wurtland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Address: 100 Wurtland Avenue
City/State/Zip: Wurtland, Kentucky 41144
Phone: (606) 836-0931
Contact Person(s): Cindy Salyers
Contact Email: Wurtland01@advocat-inc.com
Areas of PCC Expertise:
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Rise and Shine
  • Home-like environment (update shower rooms, robes)
  • Fine Dining
Culture Changes Made:
  • Table linens and flowers along with replacing clothing protectors with napkins.
  • Surveyed residents to find out what they wanted e.g. when to eat, what to eat, when to shower, when to rise.
  • Named hallways to implement neighborhoods instead of units.
  • Changing the décor in shower rooms, dining rooms, and other common areas.
  • Offer choices fro breakfast and dinner. Continue to limit overhead paging.
Facility Demographics: 126 bed facility. We are a facility that staff is part of the resident’s lives. We not only physically take care of residents but mentally as well by listening to them and laughing and crying with them. We are family.
I am willing to open my nursing home for tours for other nursing homes.